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EP-65: Linda Johnsen- Rediscovering The Mysticism of the Ancient Greeks

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Secrets of RAJYOGAS in Vedic Astrology - Astrology Basics 123

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Contents Entering the universe of Vedic astrology Return to the source : ancient Indian astrology Your past lives : how you created your horoscope Your Karmic report card : what your Vedic chart reveals Whats your Karma? Notes Includes bibliographical references. That is, if the Sun in your natal chart is at 24 degrees of Sagittarius in Western terms, it will be at 1 degree of Sagittarius in your Vedic chart; and so on. Because this is almost equivalent to the number of degrees that a whole sign occupies 30 degrees , chances are your astrological birth sign will be different in your Vedic chart.

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Say you have your Sun at 13 degrees of Virgo, Western style; in that case it will be at approximately 20 degrees of Leo in the Vedic system. While this may sound complex, with a computer a Vedic chart is no more difficult to compute than a Western one. Interpretation is another story.

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Vedic astrology is not necessarily more complex than Western astrology, but it is probably fair to say that the typical Vedic astrologer feels the need to look at the extended implications of the chart than the typical Western practitioner, who usually focuses on the birth chart and the current position of the planets in regard to it. Yet another amsha is said to cast light on past lives and incarnations.

While the intricacies of Vedic astrology would be difficult to fit even into a substantial book, much less a short article, some key things about it are worth noting. One important feature of Jyotish is the system of nakshatras. This is a series of 27 lunar houses that, much like the Sun sign in Western astrology, gives crucial indications about character and fate.

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Linda Johnsen (born in Chicago) is an author on yoga and other aspects of Hinduism. Greece (); Kirtan! Chanting as a Spiritual Path () with Maggie Jacobus; A Thousand Suns: Designing Your Future With Vedic Astrology . A Thousand Suns: Designing Your Future with Vedic Astrology Mar 1, by Linda Putting Life in Your Spiritual Practice by Linda Johnsen ().

If your nakshatra is Rohini, for example, it is said that you will have an affectionate and truthful disposition as well as an affinity for the arts, beauty, and culture. Bharani, by contrast, is favourable for competition and for activities regarding bold or aggressive action. Each day is also governed by a nakshatr a, making it favourable for certain types of activity or inactivity.

Birth nakshatras are also important because they form the basis for computing dashas , planetary cycles in life.

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The complete cycle of the dashas is years; within this, there are individual dashas of varying length. These last two are not planets, but have many of the same functions as planets in the Vedic system. The particular dasha that you are running at a given period in your life is likely to give a strong clue of your key concerns at that time. If you are in a Venus dasha , you may be occupied with relationships and marriage; a Saturn dasha may indicate a time of sober responsibility.

A Thousand Suns : Designing Your Future with Vedic Astrology by Linda Johnsen (2005, Hardcover)

Whether these are fortunate or unfortunate will depend on the place of the planets in your chart; for most people most of the time, the influence of a dasha is likely to be mixed. These emphases mark another difference between Vedic and Western astrology.

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Particularly since the twentieth century, Western astrology has become reluctant to speak in terms of fate or destiny, preferring to describe a chart in terms of character tendencies and hesitating to make firm predictions about what will or will not happen to the subject. Vedic astrology has no such inhibitions. It is focused on what will happen to you in your life in very specific terms, and it purports to tell you when these things will come about.

As such it can sound extremely fatalistic to the typical Westerner, and in truth Jyotish probably is more deterministic than the types of astrology that are most in vogue in the English-speaking world. But Vedic astrology is not fatalistic in the most negative sense. It does not encourage people to sit back in quietude and allow events to happen to them.

Thousand Suns: Designing Your Future with Vedic Astrology

Because it is rooted in the Vedic tradition, which is a whole system of knowledge that encompasses all fields, it also points toward remedies. Someone in a highly unfavourable dasha may, for example, be told to chant certain mantras as a way of counteracting its influence.

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Other remedies include ayurvedic medicine as well as certain religious rituals.