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Both are needed to create a balanced whole. So treat the females in your life with respect.

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And if you are a woman, treat yourself with respect. Know how powerful the feminine energy within you is. That's the only way you will find fulfillment in this world. Cancer, this Tarot card speaks about a man who is very selfish and shrewd.

TAURUS: King of Wands

Work to get clarity and try to avoid final decisions. As the cosmic creatrix, Venus loves to mix things up, which might inspire a little playful experimentation. Higher rate for calls from payphones and mobile phones. Karmic updates via. Taurus in Love Horoscopes are a fascinating way to find out in depth exactly what is going on in the life of a Taurus. A sudden burst of energy will bring a project to an end. Monday to Thursday brings increased mental energy and concentration for paperwork, studies, and exams.

Who would do anything to succeed in this world, including ripping others apart. Who is harsh with his words and cunning in his stratagems.

So, if you are a woman, you need to beware of this man and leave before he harms you. And if you are a man, this man is you, and the universe is urging you to reconsider your stance before you rack up serious negative karma. Leo, you were born to be a star. But not the kind who has to go out and hustle for people's attention. You were born to be the star who people come to on their own.

So, if you have a tendency to chase people in love, stop that ASAP. Instead, know you are a star and keep living your best life.

Weekly Love Horoscope Taurus

You will attract the right person effortlessly that way. They just won't be able to resist coming towards you! Virgo, have you been suppressing your anger? Denying yourself that feeling because it's too dark for the perfect you? Well, the Tarot says that if you don't address it now, it will explode out in the most unfortunate way later.


And the wreckage it will leave behind may not be completely salvageable. So don't suppress your anger. Let it voice its concerns. Because the truth is, anger is your body's way of letting you know that something is going wrong and that you need to take action immediately.

A storm is brewing, Libra. And here you are pretending as if everything is right as sunshine.

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As a Taurus, you need to touch and be touched. Are you living up to that ideal, or has your daily life intruded? Working, doing dishes and the laundry, caring for loved ones on a constant basis can diminish your energy and the thrills in your life. Sometimes it takes more than a horoscope to amp up your passion. Or does it? Take the same approach with romance. When your love life is highlighted, plan in advance to get the chores done, or to hire a babysitter.

Conserve your energy and focus on amour. Mark the calendar. They always come back and they have a very dark side. They wear that mask and fool you. Taurus men are the worst in the zodiac.


Very promiscuous and certainly not marriage material. They are wander lust and if you are married or think you are in a committed relationship with a taurus man……well well…. I speak from experience…….. In life you live and you learn…and I have learnt. God is great and I am blessed to no longer be stressed. AlwaysBellaWow… I am the same way. Always giving and feeling empty somuch of my life…. When I realizesd I matter and I must control my future andexpectations, this is when the shift began. My story in short: married for 24yrs and together Unhappy most of those years, yet my commitment , faith and children have kept me in this situation until last summer.

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I made the decision to leave the place I had lived for so long, so unhappy. My husband kept us there long story. He is not verbally or physically abusive but a passive aggressive and controlling in a whole other way. I realize that I have to be true to myself, that meanslosing ME!

So that I am free to be the best mother I can be. This happens by affirmation of my feelings and my needs!

I am praying too, I do believe in God and the Bible and this is part of my problem. I have to ask for forgiveness and hope God understands and sees what is going on in my situation. You deserve to be happy! Stop it now, tell them you will no longer allow it! Be firm and committed in this and do not I have! It starts with you and respecting yourself, so you command and demand respect!

I feel as a taurus being a down to earth person and loving and kind towards others, I find myself getting really frustrated in my home life and with children and with people. Will there ever be hope in sight for me????? I am at my last straw. I would like to see positive change in my life, I have been praying and praying and praying. What more can I do????

I feel so empty.

Taurus in Love

The way to figure it out is simple. Just sit and be still for a few minutes.