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Decan Compatibility : InDepth

You worked incredibly hard to win your prize and do not want others to steal your lover away. A lover to you is your most valuable possession and you do like your possessions. To be loved by you, Taurus is to feel the kind of warmth, security and stability that almost everyone craves. On the downside some Star Signs see you as too staid and stable and lacking excitement but on the whole most Star Signs would be delighted to be loved by you.

If you have a Taurus lover… To keep your Taurus lover happy, secure and satisfied you'll need to provide the security and stability they crave. You'll need to convince them that you have only got eyes for them and no one else. To be loved by a Taurean is to be truly loved indeed. Taureans are not particularly romantic in the traditional sense but what they lack in red roses and candlelit dinners they make up for by always being there for you come what may. You can depend on Taurus totally.

You are very lucky to be loved by a Taurus — make sure you appreciate them and show them in words and actions. If you want a Taurus lover… You may have to use considerable determination and perseverance to catch the eye of a Taurean and more so to keep them interested. As one night stands and casual affairs don't If you want to attract a Taurus lover you'll need to be a real beauty — both inside and out.

You will need to keep your appearance impeccable and pay attention to nicely groomed nails and hair. You'll also need to have your feet firmly on the ground. Taureans don't relate well to dreamers or lovers with their heads in the clouds. Try wearing something in the colour brown to attract their attention. Because of its earthy tones brown is very appealing to a Taurus lover. Also clothing with a sensitive touch will be very sensuous to a Taurus. Fabrics such as satins, silks, velvet and chenille are very appealing to a Taurus lover.

Earthy, musky perfumes will also help attract a Taurus lover. Taurus Compatibility Taurus with Aries Compatibility Taurus with Aries can work but you both need to accept each other's differences. As a cautious, steady Taurus you can sometimes be overpowered by a fiery energetic Aries. They are passionate, full on and dominant, whereas you as a Taurean are practical, down to earth and laid back. Taurus with Taurus Compatibility Taurus with Taurus is an excellent astrological love match as you are both so similar. You will feel instantly attracted to each other and connect well physically, emotionally and mentally.

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You will feel immediately comfortable with each other and comfort is a big issue for you. However your tendency to be stubborn and sometimes stick in the mud may lead to difficulties as neither one of you will be willing to compromise. Taurus with Gemini Compatibility Taurus with Gemini can be problematic as you have major difference in your styles and approach to life.

Gemini Decan 2 ~ General Meaning

Librans are very social beings and cultivate a wide range of friends, contacts and acquaintances. Your over critical nature may lead Aries to lose their temper too often and too quickly. They are Aries, Cancer, and Libra. Don't forget they are the leading actor of the piece — you have only a bit part. Virgo with Virgo Compatibility Virgo with Virgo is an excellent astrological love match.

You as a Taurean prefer a steady and methodical approach to life and are clear in your motivations, thinking and problem solving. Whereas, Gemini flits through life, becoming restless and wanting to move on to new unchartered waters all the time. You do both love pleasurable experiences so this might be your binding motivation. Taurus with Cancer Compatibility Taurus with Cancer is an excellent astrological love match. You both are very affectionate and like to demonstrate your love to each other.

Love sign compatibility: Comparing signs in Astrology

As a Taurean you are steady and secure and can bring calmness and stability to a Cancerian. You may not understand their changeable emotions but will do your best to bring calm to the relationship. Because as a Taurean you are practical with down to earth qualities you will temper their watery emotions. Taurus with Leo Compatibility Taurus with Leo is not usually an ideal astrological love match but it can work. Because Leos are ruled by the Sun they need to shine and be forever in the spotlight. As a Taurus lover you can allow for this as you are happier to work behind the scenes.

You crave safety, security and a sense of stability and will be attracted to a Leo as they are enthusiastic, inspiring and confidence boosting.

Gemini Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

They can bring out your sensual and romantic nature. Taurus with Virgo Compatibility Taurus with Virgo is an excellent astrological love match as you are both from the element of earth. This is a near perfect love match. You connect with each other physically, emotionally and mentally. You both crave security and financial stability and together can work hard to achieve this as you are focused, grounded and not afraid of hard work.

Gemini compatibility with friends and Family

You both will work equally hard at making a Taurus - Virgo relationship work. Taurus with Libra Compatibility Taurus with Libra is a very good astrological love match. This because both of you are ruled by Venus. There is an instant attraction between you two. You connect well physically, mentally and emotionally. As a Taurean lover you will admire their brilliant communication skills.

Gemini Third Decan Compatibility | Select Your Partner

They will be drawn to your sensual earthy qualities. You both enjoy being around people so will have a good social life together. Taurus with Scorpio Compatibility Taurus with Scorpio can work but you both need to accept each other's differences You are completely opposites in the Zodiac but find that you are magnetically attracted to each other. This really is a case of opposites attracting. You as a Taurean will be intrigued by the sexual attractiveness of the Scorpion. They in turn will be attracted to your strong, brooding passion.

You both have a tendency to be stubborn so this may become an issue. Taurus with Sagittarius Compatibility Taurus with Sagittarius can work but you both need to accept each other's differences. You really are quite different personality types and do not share a lot in common. Sagittarians love freedom and are independent and spontaneous, whereas you as a Taurus prefer order, security and stability.

They are very adaptable and changeable whereas you can be stuck in your ways. Your practical view on life is not so appealing to the adventurous spirited Sagittarian. Taurus with Capricorn Compatibility Taurus with Capricorn is an excellent combination and some would say a perfect match! You have so much in common to begin with and are very likeminded. This is because you are both from the element of earth. You will be very attracted to each other immediately. Capricorns love security and stability and as a Taurean lover you can give this in bucket loads. Together you make an almost unstoppable team that can lead to a very successful and happy life together.

Taurus with Aquarius Compatibility Taurus with Aquarius can be problematic as Aquarians have eclectic and sometimes eccentric tastes and progressive attitudes that can seem too avant-garde to you as a straight laced, conservative, practical Taurean. You are both rather stubborn and neither of you will make concessions to your principles. And you both can rarely see and understand the others pint of view.

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Taurus with Pisces Compatibility Taurus with Pisces is an excellent astrological love match. You will be instantly attracted to each other. You will be intrigued and mystified by a Piscean lover and they will feel secure and grounded by you. You see the world differently to Pisces but these differences will enhance both of you. They see the world in many shades of wondrous colour and you are strictly black and white.

But both of you love stability and security and will succeed in a long term relationship. Of all the star Signs of the Zodiac Gemini has the ability to see both sides of any argument.

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Gemini Decans. The Gemini Star Sign is the third in the Zodiac. Of all the star Signs of the Zodiac Gemini has the ability to see both sides of any argument. Read what astrology says about the characteristics and personality traits of the first, second and third decans of Gemini.

The Gemini Star sign is represented by the Twins and comes under the influence of the planet of Mercury. Mercury has power over the mind, intellect and thought processes.