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Astrology: asteroid CHARIKLO

The Chariklo titanium ring,made out of titanium core and inlaid with crushed carbon stone and pure silicon. Centaur Chariklo teams up with Pluto 3 times this year! Find out how this impacts the build up to the epic transits of at our upcoming summit!


Astronomers have discovered rings around an asteroid-like body whose orbit is between those of Saturn and Uranus. At just kilometres across, Chariklo is the smallest body so far found to have rings. Previously, only the giant planets — Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune — have been seen sporting them.

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Chariklo. Chariklo is one of the Centaur class of outer-system asteroids, whose orbits cross the orbits of the gas giants; Chariklo's is between Saturn and. The astronomy and astrology of the Juno and Chariklo retrogrades and The asteroid Juno is about relationships of all types, the types of relations we.

The discovery was an accident and a surprise, says lead author Felipe Braga-Ribas, an astronomer at the National Observatory in Rio de Janeiro. Rings are interesting celestial features, as they are often a first step in the formation of planets and moons. But matter would typically struggle to stay stable around a body with only a tiny gravitational pull. His team discovered the rings while observing the way in that the asteroid blocked out light from a distant star as it passed between the star and Earth on 3 June The researchers found a dip in brightness, as expected, when the asteroid traversed the star.


But they also detected two much smaller dips, both before Chariklo passed in front of the star, and after. Piecing together results from telescopes at seven sites across South America, the team deduced that the blips were caused by two distinct, narrow rings that were respectively 7 and 3 kilometres wide. The same technique was used to discover the rings around Uranus in I to nawet dwa! I just watched a great Opa webinar for the year Thanks to all inspiring speakers but particularly i am happy to meet Chariklo, wife of Chiron.

Thank you opaastrology , fernandez. New Orleans, Louisiana. Also orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, Chariklo is the largest Centaur asteroid and, mythologically, the wife of Chiron. She embodies the capacity to heal by seeing life from a unique perspective. With benevolence and grace, Chariklo helps us look within ourselves to define the true needs and purpose of our soul. She confronts established structures with neutrality and wisdom to advocate for the actualization and well-being of the souls in her care. Chariklo helps us achieve alignment and stability based on expression and self-awareness.

Her House placement points to where we give and receive spiritual support.

Look to her when weary along the path of transcendence and she will provide care and a renewed outlook to restore your dedication. Novas descobertas surgem frequentemente, demonstrando que a jornada do conhecimento nunca deve terminar. My fathers work- the profi:- I learned a lot from him, but I'm still not ready! Learning never has an end.

Najade copy from Lalique, 18kt Gold, enamel, window enamel, diamonds, saphire. Everything handmade, also the neckless.

Baku, Azerbaijan. It is the fifth heavenly body with rings after Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus. Did she join Chiron in his celestial home? Does she live on as an 'eternal helper' in another dimension? See if you can detect this energy, deep within you. Perhaps she will mitigate the intensity. Or teach us how to let go of reactivity and instead 'bear with' our feelings, so that clear action can follow.

What led up to that time for you? And what happened afterwards? Or perhaps something is returning that was 'buried by circumstance'.

Astrology: Asteroid Chariklo

Or something maturing, for which we feel a deep gratitude? Free to download! Chariklo sits in the 7th degree of Leo, for which the Sabian Symbol reads: "The constellation of stars shine to man's common humanity and to all enduring archetypes. These conjunctions will mature on the following dates: This can be instinctive, or through learned skills. A temenos, container or alembic within which the 'work of soul' is facilitated. As a 'character', we find Chariklo representing a reservoir of compassion, devotion, discernment and presence.


There is an ability to honor and support others in their own choices and decisions. Mature Juno expresses in mutual support and unconditional love to allow each other to grow and change through whatever issues surface. At a personal level, Juno's placement in the astrological chart is one of several points that determine the types of significant relations drawn into our lives and the nature of issues we may face in those relations.

Juno's placement specifically reveals the nature of the compatibility we seek, that is, what is important to us regarding our partners. More about Juno. Chariklo is the largest known Centaur object orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, with an orbital period of about 63 years.

Chariklo embodies an open, warm-hearted, caring and nurturing demeanor, a persona often showing up unexpectedly in unique ways and in out of the ordinary situations, in seemingly magical meant-to-be encounters. Her presence is soft and uniquely attractive, with an optimistic, well-balanced, stable and ambassador-like quality. She has an inherent impetus to nurture and protect the sanctity of others and those being reared in the care of others. She does not get entrapped in judgmental thought or concept, nor is she a radical extremist, but has impartial understanding.

She imparts a unique perceptual capacity, able to see things from an oblique perspective.

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Chariklo often expresses herself in sacred places of power or in places that are private and secluded, such as hermitages or retreats. She may also express into areas involving esoteric art-science, or even addressing dominating factions with covert manipulative controlling intent. Here she acts in a shamanistic capacity. She may apply her nurturing ambassador-like quality with strategic motive for a specific purpose, especially to protect the sanctity of one's personal space and that of others and their choices to live outside the societal norm, as well as sacred places of specific purpose and places of privacy for spiritual healing.

Chariklo's influence on Earth is like that of a spiritual mother from which spiritual nourishment and guiding wisdom expresses. She imparts a protective and nurturing quality toward those she cares for, for family and covenant relations, especially for those who are unique, progressive and radical, who may not fit into the status quo, ensuring their capacity to access and claim their fulfillment.

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According to Philip Sedgwick and Timothy Joko-Veltman, Pelion signifies the process of balancing emotions and ego as a function of professional status. The asteroid will never hit the earth, since its orbit is highly inclined. What is common in both of the story fragments that we have is that Chariklo as a figure who is truly devoted to the people in her life, someone who can be trusted. The German name is "Verklarte Nacht". His books, such as "Foucault's Pendulum", question theories about what is real.

Chariklo inspires us to become pure vessels for the expression of our greatest potential. She inspires us to attune to and live from our greater unique soul essence and truth though demonstrable action with consideration for the long-term transcendent nature of the durative soul. With neutrality and truthfulness, Chariklo holds an energetic resonance for others to ensure their personal healing, awakening and evolutionary fulfillment.

This is significant to consider for Chariklo's placement in a natal chart. More about Chariklo. Another reason the Juno-Chariklo synthesis is significant is because it occurs amongst the stars of Sagittarius, the Centaurian Zen Archer. Here the emphasis is about the higher vision and ideals the Zen Archer lives for. Chariklo is certainly at home and empowered in such an energetic. Juno also has a prominent placement at the time of Chariklo's discovery, also discussed in the Chariklo section of the Centaurs.

This Juno retrograde transits many people's natal Chariklo, for those born around through , and Juno and Chariklo both transit natal Chariklo for some people, with the Chariklo return occuring around the age of Juno's retrogrades provide times to redefine the nature our relationships and how we interrelate, and in this case to refine and elevate the resonance of our relationships. Due to Juno's retrograde, there are three geocentric Juno-Chariklo conjunctions, with the first occurring just two hours after the New Moon of March 28, as Juno is still direct, and slightly after Chariklo's retrograde which occurs on April The second conjunction occurs on July 3 during their retrogrades and at the time of the compounded Earth-Juno-Chariklo synod.

The third occurs on October 13 with Juno once again direct and just after Chariklo returns direct which occurs on Sept Juno begins her retrograde on May 9, conjoining Pluto, and completes it on August Juno enters her shadow yellow band in the star chart on February 12 and leaves it on November 15, just after she conjoins Pluto.

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Thus, the entire energetic as active for most of , a significant and interesting one for relationships of all types. Juno begins her retrograde conjoining Sheliak of Lyra and completes it conjoining the bow of the Zen Archer. Chariklo, a bit south of the ecliptic, lies amongst the stars of the Zen Archer and over those of Corona Australis.

The second and third conjunctions occur a few degrees earlier, but all in this few degree area of the zodiak. The stars of Lyra lie in the northern heavens over late sidereal Sagittarius.