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It is not necessary that if you have not been fortunate in , you will have a bad too. Capricorn Personality Traits. Astrology Calendar Virgo Jan Ceres has the strangest orbit where some years it is as fast as a personal planet and other years it functions more like Jupiter. Do not ask the cards the same question. Mars enters Pisces.

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However, there will equal amount of motivation and determination from your side. You will balance key areas of life largely.

Married life would demand attention too. On the other hand, try to complete pending tasks else, pressure and burden will increase. You might get late to have a share in ancestral property. However, horoscope indicates foreign deals in your kitty. Take care of your health as some issues might crop up this year. This year will be much warm and calm as compared to the previous one, Leo. Your desire to succeed will increase and certainly without shortcuts.

You would likely to put efforts and work hard in order to get the desired. However, increase in responsibilities will ask for getting some discipline in life. Cosmos would bestow many opportunities to prove your talent. The period is suitable if planning to start a new business or a part-time work. Fight obstacles if any comes in your way. On the relationship front, you will be back on track by planning dates with spouse. This transit would bring mixed results for you, Virgo. Possibility of a transfer or a new job is high.

You might get desired job. However, get ready to face competition from opponents. You would aspire to get recognition in your social circle. On the other hand, some past issues may disturb you.

You might feel lonely, as family support could be missing. On a positive note, the year is wonderful for long-term business prospects. The transit seems positive for key areas of life, Libra. However, success is the byproduct of struggle. That is, in order to get to your goals you must make efforts in the right direction. There are challenges as per horoscope but you will manage them without stress and worries. This is the time to take your responsibilities seriously and fight the hurdles.

You will feel a bit shy or stiff in your approach. However, cosmos are in mood to improve your skills and communication by giving manifold opportunities. Suitable time to learn new courses and growth in career is indicated. You might be disturbed and discomforted on the family front. Health demands attention as sudden issues might crop up. The year would be a productive journey of working on self, Scorpio. You would spend time on learning the inner thoughts.

Self-confidence will get a boost. You might feel shy and hesitant in approach but this year would surely bring a major change in you. You might no longer depend on others for work. There is a need to work on speech and lessen the usage of harsh words. The year is not sure of financial success but with hard work, everything will fall into place. On the other hand, spend time with partner and engage in romantic and entertaining activities.

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January 26th Birthday Horoscope MORE BIRTHDAYS If Today is See Also: Aquarius Horoscopes: Aquarius Daily Horoscope. March 26, · The Astrology Blog. In Part One, of this two-part people politics is. The lower the stakes now, the more straightforward January will be.

The year will bring a blend of constructive and adverse results for you, Sagittarius. With an increase in responsibilities, you will get serious in your approach. However, lack of self-confidence could frustrate you. Ask for help and guidance from elders to fulfil your desire to become strong.

On the career front, more tasks are waiting for you. However, you will tackle them with maturity.

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On the other hand, relationships and family life demands attention. Growth and profits are indicated as per horoscope, Capricorn. You might feel restless and disturbed. There is a need to tone down blunt language. However, you will make serious efforts to develop and improve your future.

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You will try to explore your identity. On the positive note, this time would give you some beneficial foreign contacts, which will be rewarding in future.

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Success in competitions is written in your horoscope. However, continue working hard for goals.