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The Quincunx and the Quintile

They do, however, also note that there is a positive and creative quality inherent in it. Both authors speak of a drive and determination to create associated with the Quintiles.

Mars Quintile Pluto

Yet another perspective, offered by A. A summary look at the pairings reveals:. Doing so would incorporate the feminine aspect of Venus into the predominately masculine grouping found in this Grand Quintile.

Aspects of Creativity in the Natal Chart, Quintile and Bi-Quintile Aspects

A reading of that Bi-Quintile pairing might go like this:. This will change the energy of the planetary picture, bringing the expansiveness, optimism and God awareness that Jupiter represents to the moment.

Minor astrological aspects and the domain of magic

Replacing the Sun in the above summary, Jupiter's addition can be read thus:. Of course, there are a raft of other interesting planetary "inputs" at that moment which modify the statement of the pattern. Again, we invite commentary on any and all of those other points of input, from those of every astrological persuasion.

I would like to point to the following in connection with the Harmonic Concordance chart. Those should be transiting conjunctions in anybody's book. The conscious intent that we held at the Concordance was a threefold call for Unity Consciousness, Healing for ourselves and, most importantly, for Mother Earth, and for the descent of individual God Conscious awareness. For the Concordance II celebration and prayer, may I suggest that, along with re-invoking those intents, we specifically add a fourth, for the reawakening of the Divine Feminine - in our own and all of Hu-manity's consciousness.

Recalling the recent Venus Crossing of this past June 8th, which carried with it much Feminine energy, Phil Gruber pointed out to me that the five-pointed star pentacle has long been considered to be a Feminine symbol, and dates back to the Babylonians who associated it with the Goddess Ishtar. Considering that, and our heightened awareness of this Feminine energy due to the Crossing, it seems to be a perfectly appropriate addition for Concordance II ceremonies.

Of course, considering this very active month of October, any of the above mentioned days would be well suited to another gathering of the worldwide spiritual community. I dissect the inconjuncts in the Yod using his interpretations. Read what Alan says about the Mars inconjunct and the difficulty expressing anger appropriately.

Mars Quintile Ascendant

I am certain that you are asking about the Contraquindecile that everyone now calls as the Quindecile. That Aspect Natally causes a lifelong obsession, and in transit or progression causes a passing one. I do not know what you mean by Transpluto.

Transit Pluto? So if you have Venus Contraquindecile Pluto then ask yourself objective thinking, is, objectively, impossible, in Shakta philosophy, at least, but try your best if you have an obsession associated with an upheaval or emotional crisis influencing a desire or relationship. If the matter is in transit then it will pass and you had likely best let it pass. I am amazed by the explanations of the semi-sextile.. I thought these are useful but turns out that is blocked energy; I have saturn semi-sextile moon,uranus,neptune.

What is the block in here? Oh and I cannot find the meaning of my sun sesqui-quadrate ascendant anywhere!

Also have moon sesqui-s jupiter, mercury sesisqu NN, jupiter sesqui neptune…. I found out about bi-q and quintiles- I have mars bq jupiter and venus quintile chiron and I know the meaning of these. Also mars inconjunct MC. MAYA : It would be impossible for me to analyze various aspects, especially ones that I rarely use.

To be honest, I would not worry about these little aspects and I do not use them in my readings. There are so many other aspects to consider — — — 90! The aspect is very much like the but I only use and other minor aspects in transits when there are no major aspects occurring during the year.

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Could you provide your insight on a configuration involving a trine, septile, and quintile pattern triangle? This is an exceptionally fortunate pattern, because the natural ease of the trine is enhanced with the remarkable creativity and talent of the quintile, and charged with the sense of destiny or divine purpose implied by the septile. There is an indication of great potential for creativity, growth and accomplishment within this pattern.

JEN : When I was first studying astrology, I would observe the patterns but I no longer to this, except for the traditional ones. I pay more attention to the individual aspects and what they mean. And, It is impossible for me to visualize what you are describing.

Most likely, I would look at the individual aspects and made an interpretation of each one. Septiles need a balance with Quintiles — ups intelligence and inventiveness.

Another interesting website. I am conjunctly experiencing transiting Uranus, Pisces, 5th house inconjunct my natal Mars, Scorpio, 12th house.

Astrological aspect

Is the adjustment about integrating the revolutionary changes I am experiencing with the transit of Uranus through my 5th house with the restrictions and limitations of having Mars in a fixed sign in the 12th house? PETER : We can always integrate but the aspect is about not getting drawn into problems that are not our own or they become BAD aspects — problems about which you can do nothing but react to circumstances. I presumed that you were asking about a transit.

What I said applies to a transits or progressed aspect, not natal. Name required. Mail not published required. Textile help. Lynn's monthly horoscope column.

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I use cafe astrology and Astro seek. Thanks x 1. Jun 17, 3. Lol I have this in synastry with my crush. My mars quintile his venus. Thanks x 2. Jun 17, 4. Jun 17, 5. Jun 17, 6. Jun 17, 7. Jun 17, 8. Jun 17, 9.

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Jun 17, Nice thread! I remember discovering I had have Mars Biquintile Pluto a few years ago and it was very enlightening. I always felt like it was my hidden strength. Last edited: Jun 17, Moon Quintile Venus. Thanks OP! I will also look on Astro seek this is what I found so far for mine: Definitely gonna study this further thansk again. Mercury Quintile Venus Adopting a stylized charm; finding stylized ways of communicating wittily; charmingly and persuasively, and of communicating the feminine side of one's nature; building beautiful thought-structures or rational theories of beauty.

You need an element of surprise and adventure, whether that be as simple as a trip to go skiing in the mountains or to listen to music with unusual rhythms or a free-spirited quality. If your life has a very stable, repetitive quality and routine, you need periodic breaks from this to loosen up and let yourself be spontaneous and free. You feel completely alive and in your element when there is some adventure, experimentation, play, surprise, or creativity in your life.

Mars Quintile Uranus Finding stylized ways of expressing a love of vivid and electrifying actions; developing skill in activities which call for a completely individualistic approach, and for the display of sheer physical energy. Mars quintile or biquintile Uranus, gives a harmony between acting on instinct and being original and creative. Jupiter biQuintile Pluto Jupiter Quintile or Bi-Quintile Pluto You have an innate sense of social sophistication and culture, and you have a taste for success that attracts you to participate in a life style of success and high achievement.

Jupiter Quintile Pluto Having a style which combines expansiveness with ruthlessness.

Jupiter Biquintile Pluto You will get to channel your instinct more easily thanks to the enthusiasm in you.